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Some remember the eerie silence, others the firefighters shouting directions. Mr. Olcese could hear a mother calling out to her daughter, who was buried alive under the rubble. “Camilla! Camilla!,” she screamed. “Her voice begging us to save her daughter first is the only voice I remember from the bridge,” he recalled. His team dug and moved chunks of concrete for more than an hour and a half to free the girl and her mother, who was lying on top of the pile that had buried her daughter, while holding her hand. When the firefighters managed to extract the women alive from the rubble, they were exhausted, he said. “It was a war scene,” said Maurizio Volpara, an experienced fireman and coordinator of a team that rescued a man from a van dangling from a steel cable, 25 yards in the air.

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Pol, who died of heart problems in February, could not prove that he had ever successfully brokered a fuel deal. Ms. Butina and Mr. Erickson went looking elsewhere. They had at least one more meeting in mid-August with another set of potential partners. Again, it was Ms. Keene who used her Washington contacts to make the connection. But a person familiar with the meeting said the potential partners feared it was some kind of scam. Instead of dealing with the couple, they reported them to the F.B.I., which by then was already tracking Ms.

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